Interesting links I've picked up along the way and tend to share alot.

Amethyst - Tiling Window Manager For OSX
Collaborative Innovation at Nordstrom's
Lean Coffee
Factors In Structuring A Product Organization
Jazz Style Management
Working Remotely - COVID-19 Principles
Surprising Human Emotions
A More Humane Approach To Firing
Manager Voltron
IntelliJ Error - Cmd Shift A Opens A Terminal
The Wrong Abstraction
Rectangle App For Window Management on OSX
Crafting an Effective Working Group
The Four Types Of Feedback
Managers Pendulum
Circles of Influence
BICEPS Human Social Behavioral Model
Codenames - Play Online
Deserted Island Devops Conference 2020
INVEST Criteria
On Pair Programming
Skribbl - Online pictionary
Patterns of Effective Teams Talk by Dan North

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